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Handcrafted By MICHELIN Guide

Like whiskey-making, haute-cuisine requires skill. But crafting something truly extraordinary? That takes heart and passion.

The Balvenie, in collaboration with MICHELIN Guide presents a collection of short films that uncovers tales of endeavor and heart behind iconic chefs. Indulge in a culinary piece of heaven as they curate new dimensions of flavor, inspired by the tasting notes of The Balvenie’s whiskeys.

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Episode 1: Madame Fan

Handcrafting Heritage: Madame Fan’s Chef Mike Tan On Pairing Cantonese Cuisine With Balvenie Whisky

Discover how chef Mike Tan draws on his ambition to pass down Cantonese cuisine to expertly hand make and accentuate his modern culinary creations with The Balvenie.

Episode 2: Garibaldi

Handcrafting Flavours: How Garibaldi’s Roberto Galetti Unites The Ingredients Of Italy With Whisky

Join one-MICHELIN-star Garibaldi founder and chef Roberto Galetti as he explores the parallels between his respect for ingredients and The Balvenie’s emphasis on heritage.

Episode 3: Braci

Handcrafting Inspirations: Mirko Febbrile Envisions Modern Italian Cuisine with Whisky Notes

Watch Mirko Febbrile of one-MICHELIN-star Braci as he envisions a new Italian cuisine based on authenticity and craftsmanship and its pairing with The Balvenie.

Episode 4: Shisen Hanten

Handcrafting Legacies: Shisen Hanten's Ling Heng Yao Elevates Sichuan Flavours With Storied Whiskies

Ling Heng Yao of two-MICHELIN-starred Shisen Hanten shows how he plays on the smokiness of The Balvenie 14 Year Old The Week Of Peat and the fruity notes of the DoubleWood 17 Year Old…

Episode 5: Burnt Ends

Handcrafting Technique: Dave Pynt Masters the Understanding of Wood-Fired Cooking at Burnt Ends

At One-MICHELIN-star Burnt Ends, Dave Pynt masters modern BBQ cuisine that pairs intuitively with The Balvenie whisky.

Episode 6: Tippling Club

Handcrafting Innovations: Tippling Club on Teamwork and Inspired Whisky Pairings

Rooted in teamwork and the craft of innovative cuisine, Tippling Club’s Ryan Clift, Ayo Adeyemi, and Andrew Loudon create playful dishes complemented with inspired whisky pairings by The Balvenie.

Episode 7: Thevar

Handcrafting Modernity: Mano Thevar Gives New Meaning to Indian Food

At MICHELIN-Starred Thevar, heritage flavours of Indian culture are bridged with modern culinary techniques. Together with The Balvenie, two dishes are paired with crafted whiskies to delight and surprise the palate.

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